Iffen yer BX kinda acts up ornery; holler fer a hardydisc.
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    Default Iffen yer BX kinda acts up ornery; holler fer a hardydisc.

    After a couple of recent postings regarding the difference between an 8 Valve BX and a 16 when it comes to service costs and the fairy tales often told by repairers, I was a bit miffed when in the process of removing the steering pinion we discovered that the heat shield that had been removed by someone previously (remembering that my car was always dealer & specialist serviced prior to my purchasing it) and as a result the heat had cooked the seals around the pinion. If that wasn't enough, it had also cooked the hardydisc or steering coupling causing it to go hard.
    This bit incidentally is the part that connects the steering wheel (the bit the driver hangs on to) to the road wheels (the ones that make the car go where they point) so it stands to reason that if this coupling splits in half, you is turnin' yours wheel one way an' the wheels ain't necessarily goin' to be pointin' in tha same direction.

    I wonder what explanation the former repairer would have for that one?
    Heat needed to keep the LHM thin so that it steers easier?
    Heat shields on this section of the car were an optional extra?
    Could have been missed on the assembly line, but I have one here that should fit for only about $500?
    The mind boggles.


    This was what it looked like. I wonder if a fatality was caused due to something as slack & basic as this, who would cop the manslaughter charge; the driver or the repairer?

    Alan S
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    Dont stress mate - that is like the Pug ones, and they have interlocking metal plates cast into the rubber that retain the steering when the rubber fails. The Fuego ones dont have even that, which is a bit dodgy I always replace Reno ones with the Pug item.

    I once had a 504 that had steering get VERY sloppy once, but didnt worry too much 'cos I knew of the safety plates. But when I went to check it once on a long drive ('cos it was getting real bad) I noted it had been replaced by a non Pug one, with no safety plates. Luckily, the dodgy mechanic had used overly long bolts that were jamming the column and where the only things that had been stopping me from having a head on with a truck

    Needless to say, I spent the next half hour under the car on the side of the road using those same bolts to bolt up the column directly after removing the disc....

    504/505 flectors get replaced virtually annually - they are right next to the engine pipe, and under the rocker cover for oil drips. I bet they last for ages in LHD cars
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