Madame De Gaulle and the fate of her 2CV
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Thread: Madame De Gaulle and the fate of her 2CV

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    Default Madame De Gaulle and the fate of her 2CV

    Most of you have probably seen this but what a great story.


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    If you look closely at the 2CV in the photo, the rear right hand side wheel shows the curved suspension arm and a vertical batteur (an inertial shock absorber, comprising of a sealed steel cylinder with an internal weight, springs on both sides of the weight and some oil).

    On the early 2CVs, they were the only shock absorber, used on both front and rear suspension arms. Later on the Ami they were used only on the front (I think) along with hydraulic shock absorbers all round. With the later 2CVs, only hydraulic shock absorbers were used.

    My daily 2CV has the Ami front arms with the batteurs. I must get them fixed (the springs break and the oil dries out). I just love the clangs when hitting the small speed humps at 50KPH whilst the BMWs and Mercs are happier hitting them at 5KPH.


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