1982 CX prestige s1 rewiring / improvements
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    Default 1982 CX prestige s1 rewiring / improvements

    Hello, at last I am making some progress improving my CX. Its a 2400 weber carb, 3sp zf box, dual aircon.

    im Based in Pretoria SAfrica. Few questions


    (1) rewiring and intrducing a proper relay and fuse box
    (2) replacing allll hydraulic pipes - whole kit

    who has done (1)? Any pics, advise, diagrams?
    source of (2). Cxbasis bit 3xpensive, esp giving plummetting Rand courtesy ANC gov

    (3) best product to spray inside doors for rust protection?
    (4) sourcing aircon compressor, evaporator - i got mine from previous owner minus the compressor

    thnx in advance

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    Been a while since Iíve owned a CX but...

    The air con compressor is typically a Sanden 508 which are pretty common - 507 works too if you spin it faster. Iíd upgrade your alternator at the same time. Two radiator fans and two evap blower fans (front/back) equals 40 amps draw at idle!

    With the relays near the battery, they can set fire to the car (personal experience - I was lucky to see the smoke!) as theyíre rubbish. Replacing with Bosch equivalents (note theyíre not all the same type crossover vs switching) helps. Hella make relay sockets that interlock so these with new relays will tidy things up a bit. Space/location is the worst thing for fitting this stuff. Particularly for changing the battery.

    Different car but hereís a pic:

    The fuse box is the same, there are aftermarket options available. Itís a matter of finding something good quality, that fits, used blade fuses and maybe has an extra couple of fuses so you can add stuff later.

    Do all the hydraulic pipes need replacing? A lot of work...

    Hope this helps!

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    blahblah knows! We bought his CX years ago and there have been no significant electrical problems....

    Re hydraulic pipes, you mean the return lines? The whole lot is a huge job. HUGE. I wouldn't start that. The only return line we've had fail in 10+ years is by the LHS front wheel from the steering if I recall - a failed joint right at the bottom near the steering rack and quite easy to replace. The new ones (yes, CX Basis) are much stronger at the joint that failed.

    Re alternators, we have a Bosch 120 amp unit but you have to be super careful re radiator hose clearance from the adjustment bracket as it is bigger than the French item.

    The only significant rust on our CX is around the upper hinge mounting in the left hand front door. I've doused it with fishoil. And doused it again. With my old Renaults, I took off the doors and poured in fishoil years ago, rotated the doors until it came out everywhere. No rust....


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