To the C2 fanatics out there.
I am looking at getting a C2 VTS to replace 2 cars. A standard MX-5 for club level track days/motorkhanas and a Hyundai i20 as a run about. I have a very serious MX-5 coming next week for State level sprints, time attack etc.
Don't worry I already know about he weak C2's strut top mounts.

I am trying to work out what the 2006, 2007 and 2008 VTS model should and shouldn't have spec and feature wise.
What I do know is that the VTS was released a little after the face lifted VTR, somewhere in 2006.
We owned a 2007 VTR, the really stripped out one, so I have a bit of an idea on what the car should have, but I also know Citroen kept varying the features between 2006 and 2008 to keep the price where it was with our weak dollar vs the Euro at the time.

My first and most important query is about the rims fitted to the VTS from factory.
I believe they are supposed to be a 8 spoke design called Suzuka.
Was there any point in time they were fitted with the curved 7 spoke design called Guepard like the 2006+ VTR rims?


Asking as I have seen 2 VTS's for sale in the past few months both of 2006 vintage that had 7 spoke VTR rims fitted. All others have had the 8 spoke rims.
To me the rim fitted is important as VTR rims are supposed to be 16x6 +27, vs the 8 spoke VTS rims being 16x6.5 +26.
I don't care about the 1mm difference in offset but the rim width is important for the few track days and motorkhanas I intend on doing.
I still have a set of 4 VTR rims at home from our old VTR which I will use for road tyres and I know 205/45/16 tyres didn't quite sit on the narrow 6 inch rim quite right.

Leather Seats. Well the bolsters and head rests anyway.
Was it an option?
Redbook has it in the pictures for 06 to 08, but says the car had cloth??? No option listed for leather.
The C2 VTS's for sale have had a mixture of leather and cloth. Mostly cloth though.

Regarding the cloth trim, were they always coloured bolstered seats and door trims in the VTS?
Only ask as our 2007 VTR, the stripped version, had all black which we preferred as you don't see marks on black so easy.

The front grille.
Should it be black, or body coloured? Or does build date change that?
Just wondering as I have seen some later 2008 ones with full colour, and trying to work out if its because of a respray due to a crash or were they were coloured like that from factory?

Climate Control, Auto Headlights and Wipers. Did the VTS ever have these features?
From the 3 for sale right now I can see none have Climate Control. 2x2006 and 1x2008.
I know the first 2006 facelift VTR's did have these features, but were removed shortly after when they dropped from $21990 to $19990. But supposedly Auto Wipers and Auto headlights were added back in again at some point???
Another way I think I can tell is the side mirror caps but I'm not 100% sure. It seems earlier 2006's did not have colour coded top caps, just black plastic. These cars seem to have all the Auto features, at least for VTR's.
I know our 2007 VTR didn't have any of these features.
From what I remember the dealer saying many years ago, most C2's had Auto Wipers and Headlights except some 2007 VTR's.
During a firmware/ECU update on our VTR, Citroen seemed to forget they released some 07 VTR models without Auto headlights and Wipers. Consequently the headlights kept going on and off by themselves until they brought out newer firmware for cars that did not have the Auto features.