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    Default GS Rings

    I am planning to get some new rings for my 1220cc GS 77mm. In my Haines manual it says the Comp rings are 1.5mm, but looking at those for sale they either don't mention the ring thickness or they are 1.75mm (3 cases inc perfect circle )
    I,m hoping that Haines is wrong. Advise needed.


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    brian - I sourced my 1220 rings from Daniel at:
    Citroen GS & GSA - Spare Parts for Citroen GS, GSA, Ami, 2CV

    I'm a bush mechanic and every day is first on-the-job. I believe Renault 16 rings will fit a 1220 but I didn't take the risk & went with Daniel (he is great - got valve springs in for me. Had my heads done up locally - at great expense)

    Which begs the question - are you also doing up the heads? Smokey doesn't always mean rings. GS valve seals are tres, tres malefique (very evil). Daniel has a solution

    Not sure how you'll go with a generic ring compressor (space is very limited if your job involves conrod still connected to crankshaft). Two pots are longer each side (as per manual description). The little dots that suggest this pot belongs to this cylinder was very vague with my engine

    Some photos of my approach (which has now stalled due to failed spark plug helicoil job & contemplating if I should crush the car & move onto greener pastures) I'm doing up a Volvo 740 Break - now there is quality!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails GS Rings-img_3328%5B1%5D.jpg   GS Rings-img_3332%5B1%5D.jpg   GS Rings-img_3334%5B1%5D.jpg  
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    I think I had an 'insert' added into one of the heads on my GS after a spark plug thread / helicoil installation failure. I don't know any more details but maybe this will trigger someone else's memory or knowledge.

    Cheers, Ken

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