05 C4 Seat Belt sensor
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    Default 05 C4 Seat Belt sensor

    Does anyone know how to fix a seatbelt passenger sensor?

    It appears to be going off beeping when noone is sitting in the seat?


    Anyone seen this before?

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    Despite what you may expect, an 05 C4 does not have detector pads in the rear seat, which possibly is why the squab is able to fold so intricately without wires.
    The sensor wire connects to chassis through the seat belt socket microswitch when no belt is engaged, changing to the loop wire when the seatbelt is engaged. The alarm you are getting indicates that the sensor wire is not connecting to earth because the microswitch has bent. The alarm should cease when the seatbelt is engaged, or when you join the two wires together where they plug in under the squab.
    An astute safety inspector may notice an invisible rear seat passenger, but I have got away with it.

    No doubt bending the microswitch would solve the problem, but I see no way to dismantle the receptor.

    There are several threads in here about this.
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