Steering Angles Light 15?
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Thread: Steering Angles Light 15?

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    Default Steering Angles Light 15?

    Updating current old belt driven pump, power steering rack & pinion & fitting late model remote electric power steering rack to my '49.


    Interested in ALL 'optimum' steering angles [adjustable or not] on late '50's model light 15's.
    Toe in & or out
    Camber & caster

    Did a search & only found toe out.
    Any help, suggestions etc. welcomed & appreciated. John.

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    Light 15/11BL/Big15/11Normale
    Caster Angle 1 Degree 30 Seconds +/- 15 Seconds.
    Toe Out 0-2mm. I try for 1mm.
    Camber Fixed setting given heights and weight distribution are correct 1 Degree +/- 30 Seconds.
    Track rods must be equal in length or Ackerman Principles will be compromised and wheels will scrub on lock.
    A Table of Heights is to be found on page 133 of the work shop manual.

    15CV/Big 6.
    Caster angle 0 Degrees +/- 15 Seconds.
    Toe Out 0-4mm
    Camber 1 Degree +/- 15 Seconds
    Height adjustments Paragraph 1 Page 140 of the Six Cylinder Workshop Manual
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    Cheers Gerry

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    Many thanks Gerry, JG

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