DS Pallas rub molds plus
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    Default DS Pallas rub molds plus

    Hi all


    can anyone please let me know the answers to the following question

    what experience has anyone had installing the new re pro side rub strips to side of DS - exactly where is it located- on the panel crease above and what consistency to each panel.

    specifically the front door to the back door - gap so that rear doo can be opened when front in closed position.

    experience fitting the rear reflectors and gasket against the curvature of the guard - are all cars slightly different in the panel fit department.

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    A couple of things...
    The bottom of the strip is 6-8mm above the crease.
    You need to bolt them each end even though people suggest the tape, as the crown of the panel means the ends sit proud.
    Gaps are just trial and error.
    Rear reflectors are easy nothing to worry about there.

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    A fiddly job to get right, so take your time Nalin. Let the holes in the panels guide you as to height and how you line them up.

    If these are the type of repro strips that have no holes in the back, you could indeed just stick them on, but they are fairly heavy and it didn't seem to be secure enough for my liking. You might want to carefully drill holes to take short self-tappers at least at the ends as Mark suggests. A drill bit with a cylinder over it or a press with a stop will allow you to only drill through the metal and not through the rubber strips, which would look ugly.

    You will probably find they will belly in the middle of the doors if you don't add a few more screws along the length from the back of the panels. Foam double-sided tapes vary in thickness and the tape alone may let them sit proud of the panel too much. Without any screws you risk one of a set falling off and I doubt you can buy them individually. With the tape, apply to the strip and leave the plastic on the panel side until you have been able to adjust them all to line up properly. Folding a longer piece of plastic backing over the tape so the loose end points out beyond the strip. Then you can pull it out once you are happy with the alignment.

    The repro strip metal could be softer than the original, so be careful not to kink or over-bend them. Be especially careful of the rear guard strips as they sweep in both directions, so are in fact 'sided' parts. You may also find the back of the end folds is slightly proud of the rest of the back of the strips and this can make the strip sit proud of the panel. The repro rubber can also mark easily and may not be as robust as the original issue rubber. it is certainly likely to be a different shade and compound.

    It's a lot easier with the factory type as you can slacken any or all of the fastenings and move each strip up/down a little to get the full line looking good. Make sure you have properly aligned your panels first. Remember, the manual suggests leaving the rear edge of each panel a few mm proud of the next panel to the rear to reduce wind noise. This may help slightly with the door opening question, but try taping the strip to the panel and you will quickly see where it has to sit. You want to make the gaps relatively even down the side of the car while still being able to open the door without it catching.
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