Coolant flush and renew process.......
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Thread: Coolant flush and renew process.......

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    Default Coolant flush and renew process.......

    I've a 2000 facelift 2.0hdi just purchased last week it's in need of a service...
    The coolant change confusing me as to the bleeding part I've found the bleed nipples one near the heater matrix hoses and one on the thermostat housing ... Any thing I need to do ??

    Any one done this to the same engine ?
    Any help I'd be very greatful


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    Open the bleeds and drain the car from under the radiator. You'll find it difficult to refill if you don't find a way to raise the filling point well above the cap. There is a trade tool for this, like a funnel with a radiator cap, or you can invent something from an upturned lemonade bottle. Slightly open the bleeds and slowly refill. Close the bleeds when they run clean. Remove the filler, and start the engine and run it at a fast idle to warm up, and check the bleeds as some more air will come off. Close bleed points, switch off, check level.

    Warning. It is easy to strip those caps, they don't need force. Fingers only.
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    Always FLUSH with water first..unless it is the same brand...same batch number...if any change in chemical could either gel up...or eat up your engine.That is what I have always done ...others opinion may differ.

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