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    Default Manual CX wanted

    Howdy all,

    I'm looking for a manual CX to purchase. Licensed or otherwise.

    Preferably 1980 onwards.......

    Anyone know any for sale? (most major locations in Australia would be considered)




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    Grief, it is like trying to sell a Peugeot 306. Lots of hits, no responses...…

    I'm sure there are several out there in Perth, lurking in sheds hopefully not in paddocks!! I haven't seen another on the road apart from mine for several years, except at French Car Days. Not even at Classic Cars and Coffee, which digs all sorts of odd things out of the woodwork.

    Come on guys!!!!!

    Happy hunting.

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    ive got a factory manual 81 cx pallas in SA Rhys, bought it a few years ago with the cylinder head removed as previous owner dropped a small bolt or nut in cylinder somehow, very minimal damage and basically just needs reassembley, front seats were retrimmed and still in pretty good nick but has been sitting for a few years and has had a few critters living in it so will need a real good clean, has also been blocked up for a while so can be moved without too much effort
    would take $1000 for it as it is, pm me for my contact details if you want to take things further thanks
    Manual CX wanted-20160124_133921_resized.jpgManual CX wanted-20160124_113934_resized.jpgManual CX wanted-20160124_113920_resized.jpgManual CX wanted-20160124_134818_resized.jpgManual CX wanted-20160124_134856_resized.jpgManual CX wanted-20160127_130343_resized.jpgManual CX wanted-20170516_155849_resized.jpgManual CX wanted-20170516_155741_resized.jpgManual CX wanted-20160127_130405_resized.jpg

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