Mystery Traction Avant Engine
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    Default Mystery Traction Avant Engine

    This is the engine that is currently in my 1954 11BL. The block itself appears to be an long stroke ID block, based on the cover plate for the non-existent single cylinder hydraulic pump, but the markings on the block are not for an ID engine. One theory is this is a factory rebuilt engine. Does anyone recognize these markings?


    Mystery Traction Avant Engine-engine-plate.jpg
    John T.

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    Hi John. That appears to be a standard 11Perfo engine plate. My guess is that someone has switched the engines for an ID block and then has put the cars original engine plate on the ID block. Note that it is fixed with pop rivets and not the original hammer in twist rivets. All sorts of changes and mods were made to these cars as owners went the most convenient route for their situations!
    This plate is also fitted in the standard position for an ID and not on the opposite side rear of lower block position that is standard for an 11Perfo engine.
    Cheers Gerry

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