Alternative to VHT wrinkle paint
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Thread: Alternative to VHT wrinkle paint

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    Default Alternative to VHT wrinkle paint

    I've taken a lot of tips and hints from this forum so I'll take the opertunity to give one back is now

    To repaint a ds dash the conventional options appear to be professional powdercoat that mimics the factory texture finish or wrinkle paint with VHT being a common brand.

    I removed the section of dash under the steering wheel to service the switchgear. While it was apart I thought a clean and tidy up involving paint on the lower steel pannel was in order.

    I've produced a lot of wrinkled paint finishes when not setting out to in the past, how does one setout to produce a wrinkled paint finish? - this was my process.


    Paint used dulux metalshield epoxy enamel, satin black in pressure pack /aerosol - the paint is generic in type so other brands should work.

    Cool the can I put in fridge so 4 deg.

    Heat the part midday summer sun is best. I did experiment with a hairdryer but for a large item it is difficult for a male to heat and paint concurrently.

    Shake the can lots - it is cold and thick.

    Spray with can further away than normal and keep can moving to produce light misting coats. Don't press or release nozzell while over part as drop size changes.

    With this method the thick paint hits the hot part and the solvent evaporates locking in the texture.

    I did strip the old paint and etch primed but the surface preparation should be less fussy than what I have read about applying VHT.

    The result is less textured than factory citroen but is a close match.

    Pics below.

    Alternative to VHT wrinkle paint-20180329_214537.jpg

    Alternative to VHT wrinkle paint-20180329_214448.jpg
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    Excellent tip! Cheers!

    2003 PEUGEOT 206 GTi

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