Fixing XM suspension
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    Default Fixing XM suspension

    I think my XM's suspension is at the "I need one of everything" stage. I haven't been happy with it for some time and it's become noticeably worse lately: I'm sure that at least one rear sphere is flat or worse. And then there's everything else that could be involved. As expertise in dealing with LHM and hydractive suspension seems to disappear around Melbourne I've had trouble getting anyone 'interested' in looking at it. I've had good experiences getting shared PSA things fixed but everyone who's worked on the car over the past few years has wanted to defer the suspension to 'next time.'

    So I'm looking for suggestions of who in Melbourne might be good to take the car to for this in particular, or some other strategy for dealing with it. I've considered ordering a complete set of spheres from the Sphere Shop in the UK but I doubt I'd able to fit any beyond the two front ones.

    The car is a 2000 model, so it's Hydractive II and has anti sink (which is one bit that still seems to work.)




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    Joe at Paris motors in Richmond should be able to sort it. I’d start with new spheres and go from there. With joe always best to get the bit for him

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