How to raise a C5 Citroen with a trolley jack
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Thread: How to raise a C5 Citroen with a trolley jack

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    Default How to raise a C5 Citroen with a trolley jack

    The car is a 2005 AUTO C5 2.2 HDi Hatchback. I want to raise it and position it on jack stands so I can inspect the handbrake mechanism. I have never jacked up a Citroen.
    I would very much appreciate any information regarding what precautions I need to observe to prevent damaging or inadvertently affecting the configuration/settings of the suspension.
    I have an APAC trolley jack and 2 x 3T & 2 x 5T axle stands.

    This is my first Citroen, I have owned many different makes of cars and so far I would say it is the best.


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    I have a C5 X7, so a much later model than yours, but I prefer to use the jack on the side jacking points if possible. You can raise the car under the cross-member centre but I always a length of timber to spread the load onto the fixing points.

    The easiest place to put a jack stand is at the rear mounting of the cross member if you lift from the side. You can easily get it in without climbing under. If you lift in the middle, the side jacking points are strong enough.

    Whatever else you do, never get under a hydraulic Citroen without the car being first firmly supported on jack stands. Too many have ended up dead or injured. You might chock a rear wheel on the ground as an added precaution. For oil changes I use a pair of ramps; jack stands provide extra safety.

    Eit: Sorry, I have lifted the front. At the rear on the old suspension system I use the jacking points and prop at the suspension mounts.
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    Before Jacking I always set the suspension to the highest setting before switching off, otherwise it will suck up all the wheels when jacking up causing the car to lean dramatically. Instructions should be within your driver manual. Entertaining when getting new tyres fitted recently and the workshop boys were, what the!....
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