Thought I'd change the filters (air and fuel). Easy job!
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    Default Thought I'd change the filters (air and fuel). Easy job!

    I decided to do the easy maintenance jobs on the car (C5 X7). So I got the air and diesel fuel filters from the local car parts store ($80). Replaced them fairly easily. A few days later we drove to Launceston to catch a plane to the mainland. I usually set the cruise through the Fingal Valley. Tapped in 100km and the display showed PAUSE and would not engage. Neither would SPEED LIMITER. So,came back yesterday after a week in Bedlam, and did a net search to resolve the problem. Saw "reset BSI" and thought this was worth a try. I lifted the bonnet and I thought I had better check my expert filter change. Oh dear! the MAF was not connected (who could have done that?).
    I remonstrated with myself, plugged the connector in and went for a test drive.--- Perfect.
    Who would have thought that the Mass Air Flow sensor had anything to do with the cruise. The car drove OK otherwise. Allan.
    PS. How can anyone stand the mayhem on the roads over there.


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    Hi Allan,

    We don't have much choice if you want to live near the family or friends. All we can do is pick our times to go for a drive and learn to pay tolls at other times. The clutch and manual gearboxes certainly get a workout.

    I'm slightly jealous of your St Helens location but the weather up here has now cooled down nicely and it is a very comfortable 25 degrees today.

    Cheers, Ken

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