C5 climate control flap. I know, Again!
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    Default C5 climate control flap. I know, Again!

    If it's not one thing it's another. For some time Mrs P has been politely pointing out that the air temperature on Her Side was at odds with not only reality but the settings chosen.

    I thought I'd suss this out, given the large numbers of discussions regarding the failure or breakage of the drive socket on the passenger's side lower flap motor.

    Out came the glove box and off came the lower kick plate. Yes, there's the little motory thingy, so off it comes.

    First thought was to ensure the aforementioned Little Motory Thingy (henceforth LMT) was actually working and yes, it responds to changes in the temperature setting.

    "Aha!" sez I, it must be the Little Blue Sockety Thingy (LBST) into which the shaft of the LMT fits so accurately. Perhaps it's split as so many have mentioned before.


    So I poke at it (the LBST) with a screwdriver in order to determine it's rotational status, and the LBST promptly falls backwards into the heater housing! Rude Words Were Uttered!

    From looking at pictures of the repair kits on offer in exchange for bags of gold in UK or Lithuanian currency, it appears that the LBST is in fact the driven end of the shaft which conveys rotation to the flap, enablng it to do its flappy thing. Can I assume therefore that the shaft of the flap has broken?

    Can I also assume that to fix it I need to dismantle the Big Black Heatery Boxy Thing (BBHBT)?

    I'd love for someone to say that my analysis is faulty and there's an easier way. Please?

    Cheers, Pottsy.
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    Good luck with that one! It's another of those bloody complicated things (BCTs) that usually work but are a pain if they don't (PITD).

    In my 4cv, I move the radiator flaps into the "cover the fan" position, moving the accelerator cable a bit to allow the left hand one into place, and eventually warm air emerges at the feet. That is it. Nothing to go wrong but not much heat either. No cool of course.


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