C4 VTS high rpm causes ems fault.
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Thread: C4 VTS high rpm causes ems fault.

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    Default C4 VTS high rpm causes ems fault.

    After a five year break since the C5, i’m A Citroen owner once more with a C4 VTS i’ve been happily bonding with over the last few months.

    An unusual problem over Easter though, a spirited drive through the mountains at high rpm sets of warning buzzers, lights and fault codes.
    after about 60 sec around 5-6000 rpm the engine warning light, buzzer, service light, Engine Management System Faulty and Speed Control System Faulty codes all activate. As soon as I backed off the engine warning light went off, but all others remain. Enegine performance seemed unchanged but I took it easy driving home.
    Criuse control came back online 2 days later and service and EMS fault dissappeared the day after that.
    Another more modest but still enthusiastic drive tonight caused the problem to resurface again.
    Car is a low km (66k) ‘05 with recent service and timing belt change. Haven’t done air and fuel filters though.

    has anyone come across this issue before?



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    Sounds like it was severe enough to have recorded a few fault records. You need to find someone who can read the fault codes for you and that will give you a lead on where the problem is.

    Cheers, Ken
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    With the cam belt if you can chase up who did it they are very exact on cam timing they have two possible pin locations I have seen this experience before and found timing out

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