C5 ride height sensors
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    Default C5 ride height sensors

    Good evening gentlemen,


    I am running a second nose C5 ( strut type suspension and trailing arms ) NOT an X7, Hydractive 3+.
    It has recent new comfort spheres. I have noticed that it increases height when the front wheels are placed on full lock as when driving into or from a driveway. It takes a second or two to return to normal running height. This causes some driveshaft shudder and engine mount movement as the "power egg " realigns itself. Mount and dogbone are newish too.
    My question is: Is this normal behaviour or am I looking at needing a new front height sensor. The drop links are good too.

    I have ordered new roll bar bushes and will investigate further when they are fitted.
    Do the little ball joint links from to the roll bar to the height corrector switch wear ?
    I suspect it is riding a bit high at the front anyway ( I have read Pottsy's thread ).
    What are the symptoms of a failing height sensor ? It seems "hyperactive".
    On the comfort spheres the car floats acceptably ( the point of the comfort spheres ) but it does like to increase ride height at normal road speeds and take a bit of time to "relax" back to normal. I don't think it is my imagination at road speeds. All other functions like dipping height at 110Ks and raising over broken surfaces are correct, as are responses to the height control button.

    Thanks in anticipation for your advice.

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    Hi Peter,

    Xantias do it too and it relates to the way the drop links are fitted to the struts. When you apply lock, the drop links effectively shorten as they are turned away from their most direct linkage position. So the height corrector thinks the car is low and raises it. It has probably always done it but the effect may be accentuated by the fitting of the comfort spheres. You just have to get used to it.

    Cheers, Ken

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