1974 rear window lable
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    Default 1974 rear window lable

    I have a 1974 DS 23 and am thinking about reproducing the long gone rear windscreen label. The glue outline is still visible so I have the dimensions.
    I am pretty sure the original would have been Citco as the compliance plate has Citco on it and the car has a 1978 nsw citroen club concourse second prize placard on the dash. So most likely a nsw car originally. Unfortunately I cant find the car on the citco sales ledger, as late 1974 and 1975 cars are not included.
    Does anyone have a photo of the label or a rear window with the label still on?
    Could it be that repo stickers already exist?
    Can anyone remember the layout and colours?
    I have some dim memory of what It was like , but objective evidence would be good. Can anyone help?


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