Latest update on C5 with major Toyota fan (son in law)
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Thread: Latest update on C5 with major Toyota fan (son in law)

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    Default Latest update on C5 with major Toyota fan (son in law)

    I just have to chuckle...


    The drive to the airport is about 90mins and rather than he take the HiAce out there for just the 2 of them I suggested he take the c5. The run wouldn't do it any harm any way.

    So, several hours later he returns (suspension set to sport etc ) hands back the keys and says "mate, that the way that thing goes about its shit is F***n MINT.

    When will they learn? The dark side is GREAT! HAHA
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    They might learn, but often getting them to convert to action is like asking them to take a leap into a different dimension.

    I mean they could have the benefit of having such a nice drive all the time for not much money second hand.

    Cheers, Ken

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    IMHO a 2005/2007 C5 HDi is a true bargain in the 2H market. Providing its a reasonably good one.
    (We) just bought a very nice one for a friend, the dealers who sold it were fun to talk to.
    It is one of the nicest ones I've driven, with full logs, etc. $4k.
    Standing next to his sporty looking Commodore he says "driving the Commodore is as boring as ....." much prefers driving the C5.
    And also the 407 Pugs.

    We discussed various models and marques. Pleasantly surprised that his opinions were not far off my own observations.
    I say "I like Hondas" (I've had 2) .. he says, "yeah but tinny compared to the C5..."
    We share a like for the E class Bens (eg E320) ... but a dislike for most of the C Class, which we agree fall short of the C5.
    Let alone for the dollars.

    Then again, one C5 I tested was lovely to look at, and drove nicely too, but needed items that almost added up to the asking price.
    If you bought it for $1k - $1.5k and did the spheres, bushes, a/c, tyres, etc, you'd end up with a lovely car, ready for its next few hundred Kms. (And then, it would be worth about $4k).

    Its the proverbial double edged sword ... very few people will venture into Citro Land, esp hydraulics, so the discerning can buy them at a good price but be prepared for a harder slog when you sell.
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    Once upon a time:

    Many R4s (incl. fourgonnette), R5LS, R16TS.

    GS 1015, 1220, sedans and wagons.
    CX 2200, 2400.
    ID 1966, 1969, DS21H, DSpecial, DS23 Pallas.
    C5 2002, 2004 petrol and diesel.
    D Special 1974
    Xantia Activa 1998 (look out Gulargambone)
    GS 5 speed sedan (what a tale)
    1986 2CV6
    CX25GTi 1985 auto
    CX2500 IE Pallas 1985 auto
    DS23EFI 1975 Pallas

    And now:

    C5 2.2 HDI 2005 wagon
    DS23 1973 Pallas

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    Ken, you're right about that until recently when the need for an economical, maneuverable 7 seater came up. It would be used by the wife for commuting duties into CBD, school runs etc and she doesn't like big cars; in fact liked the size of the Honda Jazz. Well one stand out that would fit the role recently arrived in their garage - a C4 Picasso! BTW: those things go like the proverbial scolded cat!

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