Citroen C5 Seduction Auto MY12 1.6L Turbo opinions sought
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    Default Citroen C5 Seduction Auto MY12 1.6L Turbo opinions sought

    I am looking at replacing my 2006 C5 Hdi with a C5 Seduction Auto MY12 1.6L Turbo and I was wondering whether anyone had any strong views either way on these compared to the 2.0L Hdi. The one I was looking at on CarSales is selling at between $5-$7K below a similar year and mileage Hdi model which is a lot of fuel and I don't do a lot of kilometres. And am I correct in that these do not have adjustable suspension? Many thanks.


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    Comfort models from a touch earlier had Hydractive, but after Seduction replaced Comfort, only Exclusives had hydraulics. The rest are steel sprung using the same wishbone and multilink suspension components (eg a shock absorber with a spring around it instead of a strut).

    The steel sprung C5 is essentially the same mechanically and chassis-wise as a Peugeot 508 GT.

    The 1.6 turbo engine is used in sporty small Cits and Pugs, eg the DS3, and also in the bigger 508. Look up AF on the EP6DT or THP motor. There were early expensive problems, which Citroen dealt with as cars were serviced.

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    My C4 Picasso 1.6 e-THP If driven with purpose of max economy, is phenomenally efficient and gives me 5.3 average over the last 5k on E10.
    Thatís better then the declared 5.6 Ďcombinedí figure using PULP.
    My 308 1.2 wasnít any more efficient when taking into account it had less weight and a smaller frontal area and only 3 cylinders running PULP only.

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