New Citroen Navigation Updates!
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    Default New Citroen Navigation Updates!

    Hi Fellow Froggers,

    This site should get you really really excited, if you want to update your Citroen's Sat Nav to the latest version:

    Citroen | Home

    Till you realise its about as useful for Sat Nav in this part of the world as an imperial spanner set to change the timing belts on a C5?

    Though it may come in handy in the future (If there is a future for Citroen in Australia?).


    See, I really do have a sense of humour!

    best regards,

    We Have:
    C5 HDI Exclusive 2.7 '09, Pluriel '09, Berlingo 1.6 HDI '10, C4 VTS coupe. C4 Picasso '08, 2CV Charleston '84 Grey, 2CV, '55 Australian delivered. 15/6 H '55, SM '74 BVM, DS21 EFI BVH, DS21 '67 BVH.
    We Had:
    1930C6F, '73 GS1220 wagon X 2, '75 G special, '75 GS panel van, '74 GS Birotor, '82 GSA panel van with factory AC, '85 CX25GTI BVM, 2002 C5 V6, 2006, C5 S2 HDI, '86 BX19GT, '72 DS21 BVM, '55 15/6H, '54 Lt 15,'73 Dyane, '82 Visa Super X, with Chrono Mecs & factory AC, 1972 SM.

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    Yup, if I type in my VIN, I can chose between Scandinavia 2017 for 69 English Pounds or north-West Eastern Europe also for 69 pounds.

    Australia, huh not available sorry. How come any Tom Dick Harry mobile phone can give you an up to the minute local Australian map, but it's too hard for Citroen?
    Surely theses maps must be supplied by third parties and it would not be hard to make them available.

    Should we ask Inchcape to remedy the situation?
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