Billy Joel drives a 1967 Citroen ...........
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    Icon11 Billy Joel drives a 1967 Citroen ...........

    He has good taste in cars IMHO but seems to have a problem when it comes to driving them.
    Billy (piano/stunt man) Joel drives a 1967 Citroen into a house! The house was damaged the car was destroyed and just a cut finger for Billy.
    Joel suffered minor injuries when he lost control of his vintage 1967 Citroen on a rain-slicked road near his Long Island home on April 25 and slammed into a house.
    Witnesses said the accident occurred at about 4 p.m. Sunday, when Joel, driving a burgundy and black car, crashed through a row of bushes and banged into a small beige home one block from the beach.
    The wreck was the third in two years for Joel. Last year he was hospitalized after smashing his Mercedes-Benz into a tree along a highway on far eastern Long Island, and he escaped serious injury in a crash in East Hampton in June 2002.
    Proving the adage yet again that one man's trash is another's treasure, a radio station has collected the smashed front grill from Billy Joel's car wreck last month and is auctioning it off for charity.
    WBLI morning show co-host Steve Harper said Monday that the grill is being offered on eBay, where it will remain until 12:45 p.m. Thursday.
    The station's ``Slam the Stunt Man,'' collected the debris off the street at the crash site, Harper said. A Nassau County police spokesman said Joel has not asked for the grill back, so there's no legal reason the station can't sell it.
    This could start a trend ;celebrity auto parts auction.

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    Haha, I saw the photos on the internet the day after it happened and thought it looked like a 2CV, although they didn't actually say what sort of car it was.

    I remember thinking at the time it was:

    1. Strange seeing a 2CV in America
    2. A major celebrity would be driving one

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    The grill isn't even complete. US$490 so far.

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    Default would almost pay for the repairs!!!

    now it's $881 aust!!!!!!!!!

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