Big, fast CXs ...
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Thread: Big, fast CXs ...

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    Default Big, fast CXs ...

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    Once upon a time:

    Many R4s (incl. fourgonnette), R5LS, R16TS.

    GS 1015, 1220, sedans and wagons.
    CX 2200, 2400.
    ID 1966, 1969, DS21H, DSpecial, DS23 Pallas.
    C5 2002, 2004 petrol and diesel.
    D Special 1974
    Xantia Activa 1998 (look out Gulargambone)
    GS 5 speed sedan (what a tale)
    1986 2CV6
    CX25GTi 1985 auto
    CX2500 IE Pallas 1985 auto
    DS23EFI 1975 Pallas

    And now:

    C5 2.2 HDI 2005 wagon
    DS23 1973 Pallas

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    The article calls them "unusual", and they were certainly that. But they were not rare. I hitched all over France, and most of northern Europe for that matter, between 1982 and 1987, and whilst I would not say that they were a common sight, they were not too scarce either.

    I got to see one most times I was on the autoroute. The driver (of the car I was in) invariably knew what they were and what they did. Seemed to go mostly into the north and east from what I saw, and often on their way back during the day.

    I don't recall seeing the brown ones, they were mostly light coloured, and were always a pleasure to spot.

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    Great stuff. Many thanks. My better half has said "no"!

    Renault 4CV 1951
    Renault R8 1965
    Renault Scenic 2005 (wife's)
    Renault Scenic 2007 (mine)
    Renault Scenic 2006 (daughter's)
    CitroŽn CX Pallas 1980

    National Co-ordinator, Renault 4CV Register of Australia

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    Ahh the Tissiers. Wouldn't they make a great mobile home!

    Someone needs to find a road test.

    Cheers, Ken
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