Mullin's Citroen exhibit and the SM Bonneville race car
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    Default Mullin's Citroen exhibit and the SM Bonneville race car

    Hi All, Wanted to share this update on Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard , as of this month Jerry Hathaway's Bonneville SM , truck and trailer rig now forms part and will remain at Mullin's Citroen exhibit The man, The Marque, The Mystique, which runs til March2018. Will now try and post photos....

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    A truly great museum....i thought the Europeans had the edge but Peter Mullins knows how to set up a museum. so fantastic citroens and some rare Delahaye as well.
    A strange place the warehouse district of Oxnard, but once inside its no warehouse. He has made the exhibit like the Paris show of 56. As you say he has bought all the cars on show ....there is a Traction in there with NSW plates? wonder who owned that one?
    He must have at least 6 Chapron bodied DS on show and the quality of these vehicles is nothing short of excellent. We went on to the Pebble Beach show and i stated at the time that most of Peter Mullins cars could have been shown at Pebble Beach.
    Jerry must be pleased, as Mullins prides himself on the fact that he owns ALL the cars on show. He has a warehouse nearby with... I heard another 600 cars in various state of repair. He has the biggest collection of Bugattii in USA.
    so ...if you go to LA you must visit the Mullins and also visit the Peterson in down town LA which has most of his Bugatti on show.
    Dont over look the Nethercutt that too is very good.

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    Certainly up there with the Schlumpf Collection.
    Regards Col

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