D series - door switch for interior light
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    Default D series - door switch for interior light

    Hi All,
    I have a buzzer to fit to warn of headlamps left on (hate flat batteries)
    Where does the door switch wiring surface in the car that I may hook into it?


    Thanks in advance
    69 ID 19B

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    Hi Steve, the wires come through the A pillar behind the dashboard. The easiest way to get at them is to remove the dashboard however you can get at them by pulling the switch out of the pillar or reaching through air vents on the underside of the dash. Either way what you're looking for is two green wires.

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    Steve, I've just had the dashboard out of my DS23 and as faulsky says, the two green wires to the door switches are accessible at either end of the dash.

    If you remove the instrument cluster (4 screws, create some slack in the speedo cable and look out for the fibre optic cable) you'll see them next to the air vent. At the left hand end of the dash, if you look up into the (small!) space next to the ventilation box you might see them there, especially if you prise the switch out of the lower A pillar and move the switch in and out.

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