Citgeot C2 sensodrive fun fair OBD2 vs Lexia
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    Default Citgeot C2 sensodrive fun fair OBD2 vs Lexia

    Yes a Sensodrive problem and question. ! Surprise ! Thought I sorted my sensodrive's proclivity for randomness. Had the transmission ECU shipped to ECU testing UK..Came back all good. Think they even mentioned that it had the software upgrade done..When removing said unit I thought I detected that the main connector may have been a bit loose. So with that in mind and all issues in abatement I assumed all was GTG .HOWEVER The other day whilst idling the transmission very oddly the selected first gear all of its own doing..Then shortly after selected reverse just to prove it wasn't me knocking anything. It then stalled quite violently in my drive after coming home from an otherwise uneventful test drive. It was stuck in forth.It does fix itself after a little rest..BUT it's no longer performing the initialisation after I go through the usual steps.. Question. Does a standard OBD2 scanner read all the PSA codes or do I need to book it in with Citroen with their Lexia system ? Thanks


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    OBD2 is a standard, and standard code readers can obtain all the codes, by number. These can be quite cheap.

    To read more info, such as what a related sensor reading was when the code was recorded requires vehicle specific software that can communicate with to the computers, eg Diagbox (official and complete, but fell off a truck) or PSA-Com (commercial). It's difficult to be a DIY maintainer long term without the software

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