C5 2010 Running lights
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    Default C5 2010 Running lights

    I had one of these QI bulbs replaced by Allpike in Perth about 18 months ago. Think it cost a bit under $50. The second one failed recently, and the quote from Allpike (who didn't even have one) was just under $70! Checked around and found that SMP Autobulbs Ltd. could supply them for 16.67 pounds Stirling plus 3.33 VAT. I ordered 2, the catch being that they would not post to Australia. I had them sent to my sister in law, who in turn sent them to me. The postage was 5 quid. The total cost was AU$76. So I virtually got 2 for the price of one in Australia. There may be a way of circumventing the VAT, and I assume you could have them sent to a forwarding agency or something similar. I know that even Australia Post has a "virtual mailbox" or something similar in the US of A, because many retailers are forbidden to send items from there directly to Australia, so maybe the same arrangement is available in GB. The running lamps are simple to remove and fit, once you find where they are. I had to use a torch and a mirror, and they need an Allen key inserted to give them a quarter turn before they pop out.


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    Hi Allen,

    I found these on ebay and they arrived in Australia very quickly.

    hp24w Lamp 12V P24W 24W Headlight Bulb Daytime Running Lights Peugeot/CITROEN | eBay

    There was no way I would get my bulbs to come out of the bottom of the headlight even after the quarter turn with the Allen Key so I have had the front bumper off a few times now. First I tried LED replacements but they couldn't take the heat and failed pretty quickly. I have now installed small fishing nylon loops on the bottom of holders on my new bulbs so I can pull them down once I have completed the quarter turn.

    Cheers, Ken

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