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    Now that Gaston is on the road, I'm gradually adding bits that I reckon we'll need to make the driving experience that little bit more comfortable.

    First thing addressed was the lack of storage space. Now I know that the dash tray area is relatively useful, but I reckon a door pocket is an essential. To that end I went hunting at Pick a Part for suitable additions. I found that the early Hyundai Excel has symmetrical ABS door pockets that not only are the right size but actually match my door cards!

    Some careful measuring and now Gaston has door pocket storage. Incidentally, I added similar pockets to the front doors of Moby Dick a few years ago but they were from a 505 Peugeot!

    Second thing was addressing the door openers in Gaston. Apparently he's either an earlier model, or a Poverty Pack, as while he has the fitting at the front end of the door for an internal opener mechanism, the actual latches are the simpler, direct opening type.

    I dithered around with ways of making a handle and link rod, using the ones on The Alleged Vehicle as a guide, then I thought I'd maintain the essence of the 2CV: Simplicity and light weight!

    A piece of rope tied in a loop either end and anchored on the door pull one end and the release latch the other has achieved the goal. I can't claim originality. This is pretty much what early Minis used, to great effect.

    And as a bonus, it works really well!

    Last thing so far has been a bit of electrical work. I've added a relay and fused distribution for the accessories as well as a headlamp relay and a couple of essential (IMHO) instruments, oil pressure and oil temperature. In the process of doing this I discovered the voltage regulator was pushing in excess of 15 volts into the battery so a bit of fine adjustment has seen that brought to heel at 13.8 volts like what it orta be.

    And while I'm talking volts, the addition of a headlamp relay has seen the voltage drop between battery and high beam filament go from 1.8 volts down to less than 300 milliVolts.

    Oh, and I fitted the oil temperature sender into the oil pressure relief valve "dome". Time will tell whether this is a suitable location. There are those who say I should just trust Walter Becchia's design, but given there are some unknowns with this engine I'd rather be informed than ignorant. Incidentally, can anyone enlighten me on what sort of temperature is normal please?

    Final thing has been a fire extinguisher bolted to the floor beside the driver's seat.

    I'm sure there will be more in the future, but for the moment a holiday in FNQ is beckoning!

    Cheers for now, Pottsy.


    PS. Like, I suspect, a lot of others I felt totally lost without the Frogs over the past few days. Big thanks to GibGib and all the other backroom people who strive so hard to keep it all going. Nothing but praise and gratitude for you all.
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