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    Default ID 19 Valve lifter

    Hi All

    I was wondering if anyone has come up with an innovative valve lifter for an early ID 19?
    Need to refit the valves and a std universal spring compressor does not work.



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    A modified G-clamp using a tube with sides cut out may do the job. I've never liked using the generic valve clamps that have a snap down arm. I've used a DIY piece of water pipe with the sides cut out for access to the collets in the past. However, the kits for this job are so inexpensive now, that's probably fair value to just buy one and use parts of it. Another alternative would be to pass thin rope into the cylinder via the plug hole, turn the crank towards TDC and the valves should be help closed. Then you could use one of those arms that push the spring down so you can service the valve stem seals without removing the head.

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