C5 Oil Level Measurement Invalid
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    Default C5 Oil Level Measurement Invalid

    Just recently, I get the message on the screen of my 2010 C5 Hdi "Oil Level Measurement Invalid" . Well, I've checked the oil level, and it's fine. What causes this warning? I have seen in other forums that it could be something to do with the dipstick (!). Or possibly a faulty electrical connection to the sensor, which I believe is adjacent to the oil filter (wherever that is). Anyway, I assume it is not life threatening (to either me or the car). Hope not. Next weekend I'm off on a 900km trip from Margaret River to Kalbarri to find some sun after a miserably cold wet winter.


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    Mine (RHH) did that after a couple of months of ownership. 3 different dealers had a go at it more than once and each fixed it only for a week or so. Each one's head mechanic knew about the issue and said he had a solution. Two drained off oil. one changed the sensor under warranty, one reinstalled a complete software system (twice).

    Since it has a working dipstick I knew the message was false, but persisted through the warranty period for a fix. The former dealer in the Gong's man finally did something he won't tell (he insisted I visit Bunnings over the road) and it went away.

    About 4 or 5 months ago it returned for a fortnight and then cleared itself. It records it on Diagbox, but it's false. Probably something to do with the sensor.

    PS Your engine I think is an RHR.
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