Hi all,
I previously posted asking for help in resetting a clutch cable on a 2006 Berlingo. I'm posting here under a more useful title, so that others may more easily find this post on a solution.

The self adjusting clutch cable can become shorter if it is removed in the process of a gearbox or clutch repair. So when you go to reattach it the cable is too short.
These cables are designed to lengthen the outer part to allow for wear of the clutch over its life.

I searched high and low for instructions on how to reset the cable, especially with it in situ, as removing the pedal end is difficult. There were various solutions given, none of which worked for mine. My vehicle is a 2006 petrol model.
There may be more than one type fitted - I don't know, but this is what worked on mine.


With the cable end detached from the clutch actuation lever, you need to be under the car where the adjustment mechanism is located on the cross member. Pull it out of its clip. On the end closest to the pedal, there is a rubber bellows, pull this back and you see a spring around the cable outer. Pull the spring back toward the pedal end of the cable with the bellows and hold onto the cable outer. Basically you have the bellows and the spring scrunched in the palm of you hand and your fingers holding the cable outer. This takes the spring pressure off the mechanism. Now rotate the body of the adjustment mechanism so that it moves up the cable outer toward the bellows and spring.
An assistant should then have sufficient inner cable to attach to the clutch lever. Release spring, replace bellows, put back in clip. Pump the clutch pedal.
Hope this helps someone.