What's to Become of Collector Cars?
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    Default What's to Become of Collector Cars?

    A bit dated, but an interesting article below (make sure you go to page 2)


    Restomods (running modern gear in an old chassis) might save the day, but young folk are not that interested in cars.

    Interesting how a 52 year old collector is about to downsize. Makes me look a bit lame.

    An encouraging analogy, interest in horses is still very strong after being displaced by the car 100 years ago.

    Baby Boomers Created the Classic-Car Market?and Could Crash It ? Feature ? Car and Driver
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    A nice article, and really how I've seen things evolve in my time playing with cars. When I was young, cars from the 1930/40's were fairly common as a purchase as now, bought by people who couldn't afford them as a new car. Dad helped restore a Light 15 back in 1970, and a neighbour bought an old FJ as a plaything - and I was given a Hillman Californian, defected with rust.

    As the article says, buy what you like to enjoy, and hang the expense. If it appreciates in value, that's a bonus.
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    Interesting discussion there, more salient is this little issue of the shift in propulsion and the way our laws might be shaped to restrict or reduce usage way into the future, or how you might access consumables such as fuel just for starters, insane regustrstion fees? Say if the classic car survives another 30 years it will quite possibly be viewed as an example of how backward industry and humanity was in not developing electric cars 100 years before! The prevailing attitude may well hold them in parallel to a steam locomotive with a nostalgically deluded afficionado crowd in custodianship. Don't talk crap Steven your D is appreciating daily!

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