OK, I know this is a big ask, but does anyone out there in Amphibian Land happen to have a right hand rear door for a 2CV lying around just begging for a new home?

A close inspection of Gaston's doors has revealed that three of the four are in excellent condition, but the right rear is rusted at the bottom. (And all four have been fitted with anti intrusion bars!)

It's repairable, and cosmetically there's only a bit visible from the outside, but to replace the convoluted pressed parts with new metal will be a complex job, for which I really don't have time as I progress this build.

Der Franzose have an inner repair section which I think I'll buy anyway for a long term fix, but I'm looking for a slightly more rapid solution leading up to the big "car painting and reassembly" exercise.

Plan A is to purchase one if there is one available in Australia.

Plan B is to borrow the good door from The Alleged Vehicle until I can repair the original.

Plan C, yet to be confirmed, is to possibly use the rear doors from Alphonse as a temporary arrangement. (Assuming they fit, which I suspect they will)

A is preferred as it doesn't involve degrading other cars and it can be prepped and painted along with the rest of the beast.

B seems a bit like cheating when it comes to getting a roadworthy, as well as presenting a white car with a blue door, but solves the issue in the short term.


C has the same colour issue, as I don't want to compromise Alphonse's original paint, but has the advantage of fitting out Alphonse with opening rear windows for a time.

So any or all thoughts on the matter are welcome, and if anyone knows of a door going begging, I'd love to know about it.

Cheers, Pottsy.