Berlingo radio freezing
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    Default Berlingo radio freezing

    Hi everyone I bought a 2007 berlingo to run around in for work and has been great the only problem i have with it is that when I'm driving the radio will just freeze and the security light on it stays stuck on. I will then have to disconnect the battery and reconnect it to reset it and work again.


    I'm not sure if the aftermarket immobiliser has anything to do with it or a internal fault in the radio.

    Has anybody seen this problem before ?

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    Not sure why you need an aftermarket immobiliser, and I'm pretty sure its fitted with a factory unit?

    Have you tried disconnecting the added immobiliser to see if that corrects the problem?

    Often the head units (Radio) is generally the culprit, and you should be able to pick up a good secondhand unit pretty cheap. You will need Diagbox to reset it to you van

    Seeing your in Sydney, A Twins in Sevenhills have lots of Citroen Parts, or their affiliated wrecker Riverside ate Milperra.

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