DS 23 EFI throttle pedal problem
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    Default DS 23 EFI throttle pedal problem

    Hi All. Have a problem with the accelerator pedal on my 74 DS Pallas EFI. After undoing the screws that hold the base of the pedal in place to facilitate installing new carpet, I managed to pull the end of the linkage rod out of the centre housing (bit that has the carpet pouch on it - not sure of the name). Was able to replace it by rotating the pedal all the way forward and pushing it back in. Screw holes line up well. Problem is it no longer seems to do anything. There is no spring tension. Pedal just flops back and forth.
    Have I done something major? Can't find any info or diagrams in manuals or online. Need help! Thx


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    Sounds like the rod has become disconnected from the big U shaped arm that transfers the movement across to the left hand side of the car where the throttle cable is connected. It's a case of taking a look from underneath and reconnecting - easiest if you have a pit or can get it onto a 4 post lift.
    Cheers, Marc.

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    It could be the aforementioned rod

    Or perhaps the throttle cable has come away from the pulley and the guide(all of which that you can only see from under the car). This is the cable which connects to the throttle body.

    Or the throttle cable may have simply broken

    I recently made a new throttle cable and installed it (the old one had become frayed and would not "sit" on the pulley)

    Installing it is a bit tricky but as I made my own cable I could install it more easily than I could a complete new one
    If you do need a new cable let me know

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