1960 ID 19 Parts
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    Default 1960 ID 19 Parts

    Somehow, this post feels ambitious. I am new to restoring my old Citroen but keen to see it back on the road. It is mostly complete but I can see that I am going to need some new parts. In particular, a new bonnet and perhaps some new wheel rims and hub caps. I have found a great UK site for new and reconditioned parts which is keeping me going on the mechanical front but some of the cosmetic stuff seems a little more rare. Does anyone out there have some advice? Dave.


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    Think there will be enough of that type of parts here in Australia (rims etc). You won't get a new bonnet, but there should be some decent used ones around.

    Hub caps might be a bit harder to find.

    Der Franzose is the best supplier of your rubbers and cosmetic parts etc, and have a good supply of those parts for the second front cars.

    While there are plenty of other suppliers around, DF's freight is defiantly the cheapest. The UK suppliers are good, but selling the same parts as DF at higher prices, and UK freight is much more expensive.

    See what the other forgers have to say?

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    I have an ID19 bonnet that I will be soda blasting and selling. I also have a rear glass, fr LH door glass and both back ones, steering rack and steering wheel, upper dash panel, instrument cluster, 4 rims with the single nut which I will also be blasting and a front bumper. I also have what I believe to be a glass overflow bottle for the LHS. Also have two Toshiba front lights. I also have a radiator which will be blasted and checked over.

    If this is of any interest to you shoot me an offer.

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