C5 Instrument cluster problem
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    Default C5 Instrument cluster problem

    The speedometer failed on my 2002 model, so I acquired a second-hand instrument cluster. The supplier checked my VIN No. for compatibility. The replacement cluster was installed and re-initialised by an authorised CitroŽn repairer and the speedo is now OK. However there are 2 faults: 1)The tacho. reads 1100 RPM with engine off, and 1100 RPM too high with engine on. 2)The odometer and trip meter display is missing many LCD segments and is impossible to decipher - this fault very occasionally clears itself for a few minutes before reverting to type.
    It's worthy of note that the displays for engine oil level, and distance to next service, are correct as are all the other instruments. The service tech. reports that the diagnostic tool threw up a great variety of error messages (but no error messages on the car's multi-function screen).
    Can any electronics expert suggest my next course of action?


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    Did the dealer return the car to you like that? Maybe a fault in the cluster's circuit board causing loss of LCD? The needle could simply be in the wrong position on the spindle - easily fixed. Or, maybe, the previous owner of the wreck the replacement cluster came from had some problem with the speedo and swapped it with the tacho? They are the same little motor/drive that clips onto the back of the board. They are easily replaced, so you could revert to your old cluster and fit the working speedo motor/drive from the donor part to your original cluster. It's a purely mechanical change. The only trap in using a donor cluster is if the odometer reading on the donor car was greater than on your own car - it chooses the highest value and records it in your car's memory. So, your 100K car can become a 350K car overnight!

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