Xantia CT Turbo & Activa turbocharger differences
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    Default Xantia CT Turbo & Activa turbocharger differences

    I spoke to a CT Turbo owner over the weekend who said the original turbo packed it in at 240-odd-thousand kilometres and he fitted a 2nd hand turbo off an Activa version. He said that power would come on strong at 2500rpm like a turbo diesel with the original turbo. The replacement would come on later but "with more ooomph".


    Does anyone know of any differences between the two turbos? Turbine or compressor wheel size differences?

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    Hi Bluey,

    As far as I know the engine type for both cars is an RGX and the turbos are the same. On my Activa,If I start to accelerate at low revs to get the best from the torque band and I have nice new slippy oil in the engine, I can start to feel the turbo below 2000 and it is almost at full boost by 2500rpm. It does work quite so well approaching oil change time until the engine is nicely warmed up. My car is about to hit 300kkm so I hope you haven't jinxed me.

    I have heard that people do mod them by putting different turbines in them and altering the turbo boost control system, but I think that will only shorten the life of the motor antway.

    Cheers, Ken

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