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Thread: A "Mini Me" Danube...

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    Default A "Mini Me" Danube...

    Walking through Como in Italy during the Christmas holidays, I came across a model toy store... and there in the window was a Citroen DS23, scale 1:18 by Norev. Well, that one had to come home with me, hadn't it?

    A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_5529.jpg

    Well, it is not a D Super, nor is it right hand drive, and obviously not even the right colour or engine, but hey: got to start somewhere...

    so, once back home I thought: surely I can pull the thing apart and repaint it to make it match the real thing. For reference, this is what the 1:1 scale version looks like:

    A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_4090.jpg A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_4316.jpg A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_5685.jpg

    As always, pulling things apart is somewhat easy...

    A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_5532.jpg A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_5539.jpg A "Mini Me" Danube...-fullsizerender.jpg

    The roof liner is silver, the seats black, being a Pallas model it has all the trimmings - which had to go. Sanded the panels down and filled the side trim recess with putty, then primed the metal panels.

    the seats were painted blue, white seat backs and grey carpet. The headliner I painted in the same vinyl colour as the original.

    A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_5622.jpg A "Mini Me" Danube...-fullsizerender-2.jpg A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_5621.jpg

    For the exterior I got a can of paint mixed up in matching bleu platinee, sprayed the panels and clear coated them. Not perfect, but acceptable. The door panels were painted in blue/white with the door pockets slightly yellow/brown.

    A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_5618.jpg A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_5617.jpg

    The assembly was a bit trickier.. especially the roof and windscreen sequence. But it all worked out in the end and looks pretty close to my car.

    A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_5780.jpg A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_5781.jpg A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_5791.jpg

    A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_5782.jpg A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_5784.jpg A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_5788.jpg


    A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_5794.jpg A "Mini Me" Danube...-img_5793.jpg

    Last step might be to change the number plate to ODS-001... then it will be pretty much finished.

    where should it live? On the parcel shelf maybe?

    Things you do when you got nothing better to do, eh...

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    Apart from toy stores Sven does you reckon Como is a good joint to hang out? Any good restaurantays or bari bars to hang out in? Museo museum arty atticas?
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    Like the real thing, I be interested to see it finished. Very cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bleudanube View Post

    Things you do when you got nothing better to do, eh...

    You're not alone Sven, our very own Boyracer in the first post in the DS Appreciation thread. . .

    . . .and more recently Othello of Citrothello has completed his custom ALTAYA model DS 1/8 scale.

    MAQUETTE ALTAYA DS 21 IE 01. | Citrothello
    MAQUETTE ALTAYA DS 21 IE 02. | Citrothello
    MAQUETTE ALTAYA DS 21 IE 03. | Citrothello
    MAQUETTE ALTAYA DS 21 IE 04. | Citrothello

    You've gone to extremes as with all your projects, I'm sure we can do something with your number plate

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    08 C5 X7 HDi very Noir

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    The Déesse has all the characteristics of one of those objects fallen from another universe that fed the mania for novelty in the eighteenth century and a similar mania expressed by modern science fiction: the Déesse is first and foremost the new Nautilus.

    (Umberto Eco [Ed], The History of Beauty, Rizzoli, NY, 2004)

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