Citroen C4 Automatic Gearbox Stucks randomly
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Thread: Citroen C4 Automatic Gearbox Stucks randomly

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    Default Citroen C4 Automatic Gearbox Stucks randomly


    I have searched on the forum and can see lots of issues related to AL4 gearbox but could not find answer for my problem. I have recently purchased Citroen C4 2.0 2006 Pertol Hatchback and so far I am quite impressed with it.


    Sometimes while driving, my gear stucks in 3rd Gear (some people call it safetly mode). All I have to do it to turn the ignition off and on again and everything starts working properly.

    have anyone faced similar issue before? Any possible recommendation?

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    Hi jaybee
    That is the classic symptom of starting to give problems.
    The usual suggestion. Change the oil NOW and again soon after too to get some clean fresh oil into it. That will probably hold off problems for a while. Certainly will clean out the old dirty oil and get some new additives into it.
    Depending on what it does then, you will have to replace the solonoid valves sooner or later. Read all about it on here.
    NOTE there is a procedure to change the oil correctly. Search on here for it and make sure you do it correctly. Many have not and then had to do it again correctly.
    Good luck Jaahn
    PS called "limp home mode".
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