Thumbs up : Burton 2CV parts The Netherlands
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Thread: Thumbs up : Burton 2CV parts The Netherlands

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    Default Thumbs up : Burton 2CV parts The Netherlands

    Ordered some 2CV seat bases and rubber rings Tue Dec 13 2016, the UPS van pulled up the following Mon with very securely packaged parts. So for what it's worth, heads up to Burtons, the pre & post purchase communication, paying with PayPal and in our case adding some extra last minute parts & same day dispatch was all very positive.


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    I was surprised with their fast service as well. I live in the United States and getting packages from Europe can be expensive and slow.

    I've owned a Trabant for about four years and find ordering parts from Germany to be somewhat frustrating. First of all everybody over there wants to send packages by DHL, no exceptions. The problem: DHL's USA distribution center in Ohio went belly up a few years ago. Probably because they could not compete with UPS, FedEx and the postal service. So any packages sent DHL are delivered by the US postal service. A 2KG package costs US$55 and can take up to three weeks.

    My parent's gave me some money for Christmas since they didn't know what to get me so I spent it on some 2CV parts. Burton's seem to have the best selection of parts so I went with them. I went ahead an ordered them early since I have never bought anything from the Netherlands and figured I'd give the package three weeks to arrive.

    I was amazed that my package arrived in three days! I can't get stuff from California in that length of time (usually 10 days). They also used UPS instead of DHL which is probably the reason it arrived so fast. The other thing was the package had to weigh over 20 KG but cost me less than a 2KG package from Germany.

    Experience from other countries:

    UK Royal post: Usually the same length of time as from California, cost is reasonable. Example: Euro spec H4 headlamps cost US$22 shipping, from Germany these headlamps would have cost $60. I could not use US spec H4s in my Trabant because of the defunct "sealed beam" law so the alignment slots are different unless I did allot of hacking.

    Germany: slow and expensive

    Croatia: Expensive and slow. What's weird is the packages end up being sent by Slovenian mail. I'm not sure what that is all about.

    Hungary and Romania. Half that of Germany and usually about 2 weeks
    China : dirt cheap but usually 2 weeks
    Hong Kong: Dirt cheap but almost always one month

    I don't know what the difference between Mainland China and Hong Kong is a far as shipping time.
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