NEW CITROEN C5 C8 AIR MASS FLOW METER 9632215280 solved my problem.
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    Icon14 NEW CITROEN C5 C8 AIR MASS FLOW METER 9632215280 solved my problem.

    Citroen 2003 HDI Hatchback . One day I had a problem with the car. When starting from cold it would not drive away with full power. The pollution warning sign, engine light would come on and stay on and would drive erratic without full power. If I started the car and waited for 2 minutes it would be fine. After some research here and elsewhere online I found that there where a number of people having the same problem and after spending a lot finding out that the mechanics still could not resolve the problem. I decided that one of the influencing parts that can show the same symptoms was controlled by the MAF sensor or as it is also known as The AIR FLOW METER. After getting quotes from Citroen Parts they quoted from $350 not fitted. I managed to source the replacement part from the UK where lots of the same models are sold including mine
    and located the part from here :driven2automotive on eBay and the final cost less than $50 AUD !! Its very simple to fit and bottom line resolved the problem 100%

    Just make certain that you check your vin and engine numbers or try to get the original part number from the part would really help b4 proceeding. B4 you install the part, make certain that you disconnect the battery cables first. Then, replace the part. Reconnect the battery but do NOT SWITCH THE IGNITION NOR START THE ENGINE, wait for at least 10 minutes just in case as the ECU will need to adjust itself to the new sensor, than switch the ignition on but do NOT START, wait for 10 minutes, than u can start the engine.

    NEW CITROEN C5 C8 AIR MASS FLOW METER 9632215280 solved my problem.-air_flo_sensoruk.jpg

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    Thanks Johannes,

    Good to know.
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