Reluctantly I have decided to sell the dear old 15 Y.O. Holden and fit instead a towbar to the 2010 C5 so I can keep towing our trailer to the tip filled with the masses of garden rubbish our property produces. I want a "Witter" style one with a removable Gooseneck. There seem to be 2 available. One from Aranda in Brisbane ($394 without wiring harness) and one from Towbars Australia ($705 with harness). Hayman Reese make one, but looks rather agricultural. However I think that is what the Citroen agents in Perth fit. I am told the wiring harness fits relatively easily.

A friend purchased a gooseneck one from Towbars Australia and fitted it himself (something I'm not prepared to do), but had a major problem with the harness, having to resort eventually to an auto electrician who also had a good deal of difficulty in sorting it.

My thought is to get one from either Aranda or Towbars Australia, and a Hayman Reese harness and have the Citroen people in Perth fit it all. Won't be cheap, but hopefully the sale of the Holden will cover most of the cost.

My question is: Has anyone had experience fitting either of the above 2 towbars and if so, how do they work? The Aranda model looks a bit fussy compared to TB Aust, but is a good deal cheaper.

Most grateful for any advice.