Long Stroke Water Pump Upgrade
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Thread: Long Stroke Water Pump Upgrade

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    Default Long Stroke Water Pump Upgrade

    I found that the ceramic seat from a Chinese KY Model 108-15 shaft seal (ordered from Amazon) was a perfect fit for the 1911cc water pump, so I counterbored the pump housing 27.0 Ī 0.1 mm x 5mm deep and installed the seat. Now the water pump seal will run on a ceramic seat instead of the raw aluminum. It should now be leak-free for many miles. (The measurements written on the body are so I can calculate the thickness of the spacers under the seal to get the correct compression.)

    Long Stroke Water Pump Upgrade-water-pump-counterbore.jpgLong Stroke Water Pump Upgrade-water-pump-seat.jpg

    John T.

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    That is brilliant. Would probably work for the pumps on the later 11 'Perfo' engines as well! The seals on those engines are the same as a 1911 D engine but they run onto the cast iron of the pump!
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    Cheers Gerry

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