Citroen C4 2008 HDI - Q AND A
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    Icon11 Citroen C4 2008 HDI - Q AND A

    Hi folks,


    Both myself and my wife are looking to buy a 2008 HDI C4 Auto .... It looks like a very neat model .... do you have any war stories you can tell me such as servicing costs, parts, recommendations, service intervals, etc etc ... ?

    Many thanks ...


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    1.6L or 2.0L HDI? The former must have a known oil change history - correct lubrication is a must to keep it clean internally and to preserve the turbo. The larger engine is near bulletproof.

    The auto? If it's the AL4 4 speed, it is the subject of half the talk in this forum. The AM6 6 speed has a happier history.

    How many km has the car done?

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    Both engines require regular oil changes with the correct specification oil (it does not have to be TOTAL all though some obsessive will tell you the world will cease to be....)

    If it is a fully automatic then it is the 2l diesel and Aisin Warner auto box that is in the C5 of the same vintage. This car is a wolf in sheep's clothing and fairly rare in Aus and desirable for some - usually in the Exclusive trim with lots of added accessories. Snap it up.

    My wife's 1.6 HDi EGS is also a good car and no slouch once you learn to not try to outhink the gearbox computer and it learns your style. Mrs UFO is no slouch driving it and heaven help any numpty who thinks they can outdrive her on Kiama bends.
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