Any link between cruise and stability and traction controls.
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    Default Any link between cruise and stability and traction controls.

    My cruise is stuck on PAUSE. I wondered if the cruise was linked to the other the control on the dash that help with the stability of the car. The engine light is permanently ON. The ASR etc. button when pressed to disengage immediately returns to ON when under way. Car is a C5 x7, 2 L. hid. Someone mentioned in another post that there was a link. The dealer has recommended a new engine management computer which I am very reluctant to change. I will be taking the car to an engine diagnostic specialist next Thursday who seems to think the fault is a HARD FAULT as no other fault are showing on the dash. HARD FAULTS he says may be something like an earth problem. BTW the car runs fine but no boost or cruise. Allan.


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    Any fault that shows that activates all the warnings you mention will prevent CC from being functional. It is a cautionary matter as the car's systems cannot guarantee that they have control of the vehicle.
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