Howdy all,

A 1968 HY fresh from the UK - was referred to our workshop the other day, when the van wouldn't start.


It's been imported (like many), to be a mobile coffee/alcohol seller.....and has been the subject of an extensive refurbishment.

It is for a HY, in very good nick, but needing lots of fettling to turn it into something reliable and relatively pleasant to drive.

The UK specialist has done plenty of body work, and quite a few fibreglass panels have been used. Regrettably, they substituted early round wheel arches, for the original later square type.

We've had to replace the fuel tank and reconfigure fuel lines and filters, do some electrical re-wiring and overhaul the starter motor. And plenty of little things. [The photos are before]

It has 16" tyres on it - so it revs it's box off whenever it's not driving in a school zone.

Good to see some more automotive silliness on the local roads.


Another H Van in Australia - Perth-20160724_152618.jpgAnother H Van in Australia - Perth-20160724_152551.jpg