How important is oil drain nut washer for transmission of 1961 ID 19?
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Thread: How important is oil drain nut washer for transmission of 1961 ID 19?

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    Default How important is oil drain nut washer for transmission of 1961 ID 19?

    Hello, all
    I have developed new fault in my car. After replacing transmission oil, now I can see oil is leaking bit. I really cannot see oil drip because transmission oil is very thick and it will not leak unless car is on the move...
    I noticed washer of drain plug was in bad condition so I replaced it with slightly larger solid copper washer.

    It might be leaking from there...?

    Should I get original type crash type copper washer? I think 16. 3 x 22 x 2....
    I might need filler washer 30. 5 x 38 x 2. 3, as well...? Can I get those locally?
    German don`t have filler washer.....
    I can see German`s got them...

    Please let me know if you know. Thanks

    ALSO I would like to know Distributor cap and router suits this car... If I can get compatible one locally....?


    Thank you.
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    My attitude to replacement parts has always been "if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duct It is a duck"
    And this hunch has never failed me from a practical aspect.

    However, on an Old Citroen, I guess it depends on the level you originality V practicality you feel necessary.

    Edit: The distributor, is likely Ducellier and most likely identical physically to most Renault , Peugeot vehicles of a similar age.
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    The only way to tell is the clean the gearbox down and see if it's weeping from higher up. Almost any leak will drip from the drain plug as it's the lowest point. This doesn't mean it's the plug that is leaking!

    If it's just a random drip .... My fix would be a bit of carpet under the cars nose where it's normally parked. No-one expects a 50+ year old car to be 100% oil tight. The odd drip will hurt nothing Call it built in rust proofing if you like. My shed floor is certainly never going to rust!

    Shane L.
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    I find crushable washers are the best for sump/gearbox drain plugs.

    Metric Copper Brake Banjo Bolt Crushable Washers Sizes M6 TO M27 | eBay
    Regards Col

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    As an alternative to aluminum and copper crush washers, if you want something that will really seal, use a bonded sealing washer (a/k/a "dowty" washer). In the states you can get them from McMaster Size M16 is P/N 93786A250.

    Also, to find a distributor cap and rotor, we need to know whether you have a Ducellier distributor or an SEV. Parts for the Ducellier are easy to find because they are the same as some Fiat models. SEV, not so much
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