Hi there,

I know its now liked to be seen - but I need to make this add.

I am lookin for s.o. who is interested to buy my 2CV (build 65/86) reg. in NSW and imported in march 2004 via Sydney.
I am on a roundtrip via Canberra/Melb./Ade/AliceSp./Darvin/Cains/Brisb./Sydney and the car is for sale mid june 2004.
Its a red one and in pretty good cond.. The doors need some work but the rest is pretty good: It has a good body cavity protected chassis, new clutch, front brake, exhaust system, roof, shock absorbers, tyres, new welded floor panel, etc.

For contact send an email to [email protected] or call 040 98 47 933


Elke and Peter


for ever!!